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Writing A College Term Paper- 10 Ideas Worth A Discussion

One of the major assignments that you may have to do in school and most students do have to do in one class of another is writing a term paper. It is one of those major college assignments that is called a term paper because it will likely take you the whole term to complete. When you are writing a paper of this magnitude, it is so important to keep these ten ideas in mind.

  1. Research general topics
  2. Go through your notes or your textbook and choose a general topic that you find really interesting and start researching it.

  3. Brainstorm ideas to narrow topics
  4. Start writing down any subtopics that you can think about for this general topic as you start your research.

  5. Choose a focus for your paper
  6. You will now want to focus on finding one idea that your paper will prove.

  7. Develop an outline
  8. Organize all of your information in an outline so that you are sure not to miss anything. You can also make sure to put the information in a way that makes the most sense and has the biggest impact.

  9. Create a thesis
  10. This is the main focus of your paper. What do you want to write the paper on? This is like a one-sentence summary.

  11. Find a catchy quote
  12. Find something to talk about right off the bat that will catch your reader’s attention. You can find an interesting quote. You have to find cited material for most college term papers anyways so you might as well find something cool to pull your reader in.

  13. Introduction
  14. The introduction is where you will talk about your background information and define any terms that need to be defined. It should present anything that a person would need to know to understand the paper if they started off knowing nothing at all.

  15. Body
  16. This is the bulk of your paper and will work to prove your thesis.

  17. Conclusion
  18. This is the wrap up of your paper. It is good to make sure that you restate your thesis and main points so that you are really hitting them home and making your audience understand what you are trying to say.

  19. Edit
  20. You need to make sure that you edit your paper as well. Read it out loud so that you can find all of the problems.