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Five Simple Rules for Composing a Research Paper about Bullying

A research paper about bullying should be well-structured and focused on a particular aspect of the issue. A typical assignment consists of a title page, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and literature cited. You should also keep in mind the specific guidelines for the paper given by your professor if any. The following simple rules will guide you through the writing process.

Basic Rules for Crafting a Research Paper

  1. Consider your audience.
  2. You should think about the audience for your work. It’s important to decide what story related to bullying to tell your readers and from what point of view to address the main idea. With your audience in mind, you should determine the organization of your document and the level of detail of the narrative.

  3. Use a variety of sources.
  4. You need to discuss the issue of bullying in light of the current study as presented in books, journals, media, and other credible sources. If you have a sample reference list, study the provided sources first.

  5. Present information in a logical order.
  6. Although you may conduct your research in whatever order convenient to you, it’s important to present your findings so that they are easy to follow. It makes sense to create an outline first and then start writing your draft.

  7. Make your assignment complete.
  8. A winning paper should be complete. You should present your hypothesis effectively, provide all the sufficient details, focus on the main findings, interpret them, and discuss the obtained results. Your document should look self-contained and bring value to the readers.

  9. Take a correct attitude during revision.
  10. You are the best referee for your work, so check it in terms of significance, logic, validity of results, organization, and presentation. It’s recommended to read your work a few times, paying attention to different aspects, e.g. check the organization first, look for possible repetitions, add transitions if needed, etc.

Items Necessary for a Winning Bullying Research Paper