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5 Ideas for Composing a Strong Research Paper Thesis Statement

When writing an essay, the essay writer must ensure that all details presented in the piece are clear and understandable to relate either directly or indirectly (but with connection) to the topic that was assigned. A strong document in relation to a given topic says more than random written pieces with a misguided stance on what exactly is happening. Within an essay, there must be the main element known as the thesis statement. This is the key sentence that outlines what the document will be about and gives readers a synopsis of what to expect.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole paragraph but it could merely be but two sentences which get to the direct point of explanation.

In writing a quality thesis statement, one must keep in mind the following details:

Specification to the topic

There is no way someone can produce a document and not have the main part of it not relating to the assignment. The statement must be in specific stance to what the entire content will be based on and leave readers with the idea of what to expect.

Clarity and understanding

Ensure that whatever is written in those sentences are clear and understandable to the reader because confusion at the start may result in more confusion and lack of what exactly is being said. This sentence ought to set readers in a position to know what to expect and be able to easily comprehend what the writer is trying to bring across.

Writer’s view on the issue

The thesis statement generally outlines what the writer’s thought(s) are on the issue thus giving readers the base to think in line with what is said (agreement) or prepare to produce a counter-argument (disagreement). Having the ability to relate to or counter a written piece is a good way of knowing the knowledge base of the writer and somewhat how they can improve on areas throughout the document to make it a more quality produced document.


Make sure the details of the statement are original. No reader wants to have a repeat of something they already read once or more than once especially from different sources. There is nothing unique about it thus readers would easily be able to tell the ins and outs of the work. That is not a good feature for producing a good article.

Outlining the core idea

Let the readers know what the document is all about. Let them know the main issue that will be discussed in an essay and the key factors to look out for while reading. This also gives readers a better understanding of what was written.