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Writing A Psychology Research Paper: Seven Basic Steps

Writing a psychology paper is not easy. From finding the right topic to proofreading the final draft, everything is challenging to say the least. If you are going to write a good research paper the first thing you will have to do is have a good knowledge on the various subjects associated with psychology. If you have a good grip on the subject you will be able to come up with an interesting topic and then write on it. Here are a few basic tips that will help you get started.

Steps to follow:

  1. The first thing you will have to do is pick a good topic. The topic is the most important part of the paper and it will create the first impression. You will have to be very careful while selecting the topic. You cannot select a subject that has already been worked on. The paper should be a valuable contribution to psychology and should help future students of the subject. So you will have to come up with a unique topic that is both refreshing and engaging to the readers.

  2. After you have decided on the topic, you will have to begin your research. You cannot base the paper on words alone. You will need facts and information. You will have to collect all the facts and sort out the relevant ones.

  3. Once you have all the materials and notes you will have to begin with planning. Plan the whole paper and how you are going to present it.

  4. You can go to some of the online websites that have sample papers. The right template can be very helpful for the right planning. They will already have all the necessary guidelines required for the paper.

  5. Arrange all the points according to the template. You will have to ensure a smooth and effective transition. If the transition between two points is not smooth then the reader may feel disoriented.

  6. When you have everything in place, begin with the actual writing. The first attempt will be the rough draft and you will have to keep editing it till you get the finished research paper.

  7. Once you have finished the draft you will have to proofread the whole paper. Readers can be put off by silly errors and grammatical mistakes so you will have to rectify each and every one of them.