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Defining The Length Of A High School Research Paper: Basic Rules

All students want to score A+ grades and the appropriate length of the paper is one of the deciding factors. How lengthy should be the high school research paper is the most frequent question asked by many students.

Read these tips and make your paper shorter or longer accordingly

Mostly the instructions provided by the teacher to the students are based on the number of pages. Sometimes students are supposed to write a paper of 5-7 pages length and sometimes these are 10- 15 pages long. However if instructions are not based on the page range the deciding elements vary greatly. In high school exams, when the students are supposed to write an essay, they are expected to write at least a 5 paragraph essay in an hour and their composition varies between 1-2 pages.

Subject is the deciding factor: Professors expect lengthy dissertation paper in subjects like History and Psychology. On the other hand thesis is not bound by the number of pages in subjects like Math.

Each section of the paper should be in accordance: The chief idea is to balance the length of each section, the introduction, body, abstract, methods, results and conclusion. Depending upon how vast is the topic, compositions are written. It is necessary that students consult with their professors to get an idea regarding this. If the subject is too vast, the length of the body will automatically increase. Remember, introductions are always far shorter than the body of the papers. An easy way to elongate the length of the research paper is to add further supporting evidences and facts. Conclusion is always short and to the point. These are merely outlines that give rough idea to the student regarding the pattern of writing.

Teachers will never deduct your marks if you write too long but will surely deduct your grades if your writing is short.

If your essay writing is of 5 pages

For a 10 pages thesis

For a 15 pages research paper