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A Sample Cover Page for a Term Paper: 5 Things You Should Pay Attention To

Most term papers will require some type of cover page. While some professors offer clear examples of a cover page, other professors will just mention that one is required. Although the quality of the writing is the most important part of the essay, people often judge a book by its cover. It may be cliché, but it is an unavoidable part of writing. To achieve a high score on an essay, the student must make sure that they have the best cover page possible.

Remember the Style

Different fields like biology or literature use different writing styles. Some of the most common styles are MLA, Chicago and APA. Unfortunately, each style has its own requirements for the cover page. Students must make sure that they are writing in the correct style before they turn in their essay. Since APA is one of the most common styles, the remaining four tips will cover the ways to write a strong APA cover page.

The Title

Obviously, the title matters greatly for the title page of the document. In APA style, the title must be aligned in the center of the page. It should be located about halfway down the page and should include the entire title for the work. If the paper will be listed in an online database, the title should contain keywords that indicate what the document is about. This will allow people who are looking for a similar paper to find it easily.

Personal Details Go at the Bottom

In general, the personal details about the author or the author's school will be located at the bottom of the page. Like the title, this portion of the cover page will be aligned in the center. The first thing that is listed is the author's name. Afterward, the student should list their school's name and the date that they turned it in. Depending on the class, the student may also write out the name of the course or their professor's name.

Font Size

In general, most professors require a 12 point Times New Roman font. Unless otherwise specified by the professor, this font should be used for the entirety of the document.

Page Number and a Running Head

As students finish their cover page, they will need to add a running head to their paper. This will be located on the top of every page and should include a shortened version of the title. Page numbers should be listed about five to seven spaces away from the title.