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Searching For Term Paper Help For Free: Basic Tips

There is one term that all students love to hear, “free help”. It is a given fact that unless the student’s family has money, the average college student does not have money to spare. Therefore, when a student needs help with homework, writing various papers, or study help, they cannot afford to pay much, if anything for that help. That means that tutors are out, expensive templates can be forgotten, and professional proofreading/editing services are unreachable. What most students begin seeking is free help. This in and of itself is fine; however, many students fall prey to scams, frauds, and viruses in the process. The following is some basic tips for finding and utilizing legitimate, free term paper help.

Studying and Writing

The first thing to consider is studying and researching to write the paper and then the actual writing. In place of a tutor, ask friends and classmates to form a group with you for the sole purpose of helping each other study, bouncing ideas off each other, and to have a safe way to discuss the project and any problems you (or any of the others) are having with it. Then, schedule times for your group to meet so that you can all work on the project together.


In the place of expensive editors and/or proofreaders, try some basic online checkers. There are several available that are reliable and trustworthy that do not cost a penny to use. is completely free to use and it catches all major grammar and spelling issues. There are also checkers specifically for spelling as well as punctuation.

One site to give a great deal of consideration to is This site has a free version as well as a paid version. It catches almost every spelling and grammar issue as well as some basic punctuation issues. The free version is very capable, but it you find yourself in need of these services on a regular basis, consider investing in a membership.


There are quite a few templates available free. The most prominent of these being ones from well know, word processors such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Generally, there are free templates available for generic purposes as well as ones that are more specific i.e. APA or MLA style.

Final Tips

One of the best places to find help is a library. This includes the school’s library as well local public libraries. Books, past papers from other students, academic articles and helpful librarians are all located in the best place to seek academic help; the library.