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A List Of Up-To-Date Research Paper Topics On Marketing

The general topic of marketing provides a wide range of different ideas that you can use when writing a research paper. For example, you may wish to write about how a marketing campaign was used to turn around the fortunes of a particular company. Equally, you may wish to write about specific marketing techniques, in a much more theoretical way. Ultimately, unless you have been given any specific instructions, you will have a wide range of different choices available to you so as to pick the perfect title based on your abilities.

Choosing a topic that you are interested in

If you need to pick a topic that is modern or up-to-date then it can be a good idea to look through any of the latest marketing publications and journals so as to get an idea of what is popular at the moment. Equally, you may wish to look through past papers to find any ideas or inspiration based on what others have written in the past. If you are choosing the latter approach then you may wish to ensure that any work you do find has been written as recently as possible.

If you’re wondering where you can find past papers that have been written by other students then you may wish to ask in your college or university to see if they can supply you with any samples or, alternatively, there are numerous websites available on the Internet where you can find prewritten work. Some of these websites will offer samples for free - although they may not be of the highest quality - whilst others will require you to pay either on an individual basis, or as part of a subscription.

To get you started, the following is a list of up-to-date research paper topics on marketing.