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The Top 10 Best Econometric Term Paper Ideas For University

Topic ideas

International Economics

  1. How has the reduction in the price of oil affected inflation in many European countries? Has it had the same effect on pricing in the US? (What models or laws can explain this?)
  2. Many countries send economic aid to developing countries. The need for this monetary support seems to be never-ending, as the developing countries seem to continually need this aid and are no nearer to gaining financial independence. What data can you find to support this?
  3. When it comes to outsourcing, are firms that outsource more successful than firms that do not out source? Extend the topic to look at other countries and the impact that outsourcing has on the country’s economic status.


  1. What is the link between a country’s economic state and the performance of the stock market? How does this link to particular firms? Is there a link to particular products? Is it possible to take a particular firm and plot its progress over time related to stock market performance?
  2. How does the economy and the stock market link? Focus on two countries such as Greece and Germany and make comparisons. How would this relate to individual firms and their performance over a period of time?
  3. How does government monetary policy affect private companies? Link this to models and theories covered in your course and also support this with data and comparisons with policies in other countries.

Microeconomic/Socioeconomic/Marketing Issues

  1. What are the main factors that have an effect on whether a new product is going to be successful? You need to support any answer by directly applying theories that you have covered in your course as well as socio-economic principles.
  2. Do people who have a lot of money experience more happiness than people who have ‘just enough’ money for their needs. Discuss principles and theories that have an effect on happiness. Relate to sociological ideas that support what makes us happy.
  3. What is the link between the market price and its quality? This relates to the issue that just because a produce costs a lot does not mean that it is better quality than an identical product that is less expensive. Look at comparisons at a supermarket between brand names and economy brands. Sometimes the cheaper brands may be a more healthy choice.
  4. As a manufacturer what would encourage you to produce a new line or new product? Relate to sociological concepts and theories and the laws or supply and demand.

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