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The Top 25 Hottest Research Paper Topics For University

In high school, research paper topics tend to be about common, often cliche subjects. When students move on to college, their research paper topics need to become more specialized based on the courses they are taking. Instead of writing about legalizing drugs or stem-cell research in language arts classes, students write about short stories, novels, poetry, and other related topics. Here are 25 of the hottest research paper topics for college students:

  1. Organic farming vs. factory farms
  2. Binge drinking on college campuses
  3. Treatment of animals in zoos
  4. College athletes being paid to play
  5. Possibility of a female president in 2016
  6. Standardized testing for college admissions
  7. Protecting data online
  8. Youth and cosmetic surgery
  9. Victims rights and rape
  10. Helicopter parents at the college level
  11. Schools: Developmentally appropriate or forcing learning
  12. Alternatives to gasoline engines in today’s automobiles
  13. Violence in families and the long term effects
  14. Foreign policy in the US: What works? What does not work?
  15. The need for gangs
  16. Sustainability in the workplace
  17. The newest government recommendations for diet and exercise
  18. Diet and common illnesses affecting the country
  19. Rights of the illegal alien
  20. Marketing to children on television and online
  21. Online dating: What works?
  22. Reducing the prison population
  23. Financing college: Is it worth it?
  24. Flat tax? Are we ready for a change?
  25. Language changes due to smartphones

Topics Connect to Students Interests and Current Events

Most of the popular topics are related to ideas that interest students and are commonly discussed on social media. These topics tend to involve college life and situations that 20-somethings deal with after they leave college. The fact that college is so expensive is a timely topic that could develop into fascinating research papers. There have also been protests regarding on-campus rapes at many schools around the country, too. Students’ personal experiences can lead to fascinating research paper topics.

Follow Formatting and Instructions

Regardless of the selected topic, students need to be sure that they follow the instructions and formatting style. Different courses have different formatting styles, like APA for social sciences and MLA for language arts. The different sciences also have their own formatting styles. If students do have personal experiences with the topics they choose, it is best to leave the experiences out of the papers, unless the instructor wants them included. In most cases, instructors are looking for actual research, not papers that read like journal entries or blog posts.