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Where To Find A Sample Reference Page For A Research Paper

One of the most crucial elements to your entire research paper is your reference page. Not only does it prove that you have done all of your research, is it also essential for helping to prevent plagiarism. For each source that helped you to write your paper, providing accurate publication information demonstrates how diligent you are as a scholar, and it also gives the proper credit where it is due. A properly formatted, thorough reference page is also one component of obtaining an excellent grade.

Before you start your search for sample reference pages that you can use as guidelines, you need to know what format is required. Some of the more commonly used styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago. There are huge differences in the various citation styles so it is vital that you are using the proper one. If you have questions about the style you are supposed to be using, confirming the requirements with your professor only takes moments, and it is much more preferable to receiving a bad mark because you chose the wrong one.

Ask your professor

The best place to get your example is going to be directly from your professor, advisors, or committee members. They are going to give you examples which are done exactly in the required format. You will be able to see what they consider to be well-done, which is a huge advantage during your writing.

Visit the library portion of your school's website

The next best place to concentrate your search for samples on is your school's website. Each department has their own sections, making it easy for you to read through examples of completed research papers in your subject area. Any school can give you basic information but to get the most relevant examples it is best to use your own school.

Search online

From your choice of search engines, use the keyword phrase, "APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. reference page samples in history, law, English, etc." The majority of the results you get will lead you to professional writing service websites, which is actually a great place to find examples of every imaginable writing process. If you narrow down your search criteria, you will also be able to find great samples in a variety of literary journals and publications. To make sure you fully understand what is expected of you, don't get all of your information from one example - take the time to look at several and compare how they are done.