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A List of Catchy Ideas for Argumentative Research Papers

It can be very interesting to carry out a research on an argumentative topic. You can debate ideas within your own paper; make teachers and students think when presenting it, and get their feedback afterwards. To ensure a good discussion, however, you should choose a topic that will let you do that. You should include advantages and disadvantages of a certain problem in your paper, so make sure to choose a subject that you can collect enough data about. If the topic concerns a well-known issue, you can even hold polls and surveys to support your report with your own data. So, it can be a really challenging, but at the same time, very rewarding task. If you don’t have your own ideas for your research paper, take a look at the list below:

  1. Do you think Hollywood culture is harmful to young minds?
  2. Should we prohibit smoking or profit by taxing it?
  3. Will limiting high-sugar foods in schools help prevent childhood obesity?
  4. Single sex education: a thing of the past or the thing of the future?
  5. Privacy or safety: which one would you choose and why?
  6. Can video games inspire teenage violence?
  7. Is abortion a simple surgery or living creature murder?
  8. Clinical testing: do humans have the right to kill animals for their own salvation?
  9. Should the U.S. pay more attention to their own domestic affairs, rather than taking an interest in international terrorism?
  10. Do you think humanity caused global warming?
  11. Human cloning: a nightmare or the only way out?
  12. Can marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?
  13. Do you think the educational system of today encourages students’ creativities?
  14. Does physical education help children improve their performance in other classes?
  15. Group work vs. individual assignments: which one benefits students more?
  16. Do you that think online education is better than regular classes?
  17. Are digital pictures just as special as paper ones?
  18. Computers in education: would a machine be able to grade creative writing?
  19. What would be the worst punishment to internet bullies in your opinion?
  20. The success cult of today: do you think today’s children are pushed too hard from childhood?

These ideas will help you get started with your research. However, make sure to add your personality to it. Once you’re really interested in the subject you write about, you will make your presentation very memorable, which will earn you high grades.