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How To Write An IB Biology Extended Essay: Free Help For Students

Are you in an International Baccalaureate (IB) Program? Do you have questions about a biology extended essay assignment that you have been instructed to write? It will not be an easy task, but we can help you lessen your workload at least a bit. We've got some helpful hints, and they won't cost you anything at all!

Be Sure That You Understand The Requirements Of An Extended Essay Assignment

An IB biology extended essay is usually expected to be a work of at least 4000 words, and it must involve self-directed research. It is expected that the student will take on an in-depth examination of a topic which holds particular interest for them. You will be expected to formulate your own ideas and opinion on the topic, and develop a thesis for your paper.

You will need to demonstrate your ability to analyse information on your own, evaluate what you have found out while conducting your research, and then evaluate the data and formulate your own conclusions.

By gaining early experience writing extended essays, students are better prepared for what will lie ahead of them in their academic career. As students progress through university, it is essential that they learn to master the art of composing essays and longer works that involve a considerable degree of independent research and high quality writing.

IB Biology Extended Essay Assignment Tips

  1. Remember To Keep It Research Based
  2. This is not a narrative or descriptive essay, and you should be sure that your writing style and tone reflect this. Keep your personal feelings out of it, and do not attempt to play on your reader's emotions. Concise, almost clinical writing will serve you better when composing an IB biology extended essay.

  3. Write What You Know, And Know What You Write
  4. Pick a topic that you already have some experience with. Having a solid background in the area of biology that you plan to examine will mean less research will be required. You will save time, and your writing will sound more confident and knowledgeable than if you pick a topic that is new to you.

  5. Edit And Ask Others To Proofread Your Final Paper
  6. Before you even think about submitting your essay for grading, do a thorough edit and proofread. Then ask someone else (preferably a few other people) to read it over as well. An extended essay is a major piece of work, but it must be accessible for non-biology experts to understand. It may be easy for you to understand, but make sure everyone else gets your point too!