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Crafting A Good Research Paper Abstract: Basic Tutorial

An abstract is one of the critical components in a dissertation. It is the first thing that the professor is going to notice and may go a long way in determining what the professor has to say about the whole work. A good abstract will surely impress the examiner while a poor abstract will earn you low grades even when the whole thesis is right.

Errors done in the beginning are harder to forget and once a professor has gone through a poorly written abstract he will have a basic assumption about your whole work. So write it properly and double check it to make sure that the abstract is according all the guidelines and specifications mentioned in the structure sample.

Importance of an abstract in research papers

Before you begin you must be clear on the definition and purpose of the abstract. The abstract is supposed to be a reflection of the whole project and should have all the major component of the dissertation. It will be more or less a short summery of all the work you have done in order to bring life to the thesis and also the hypothesis you have strived to prove.

An abstract is important because it is not a mere introduction to the project. It can be read by the invigilator if he is short of time and in rare cases your whole thesis may be judged based on the abstract you have written. Now you understand the importance of this one paged summery. You must be careful with the planning and how you are going to write it.

Here are some basic tutorials to help you write a better abstract: