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8 Steps To Creating A Research Paper About Global Warming

Global warming is a major current issue which enlightens upon the fact that the global temperature is slowly rising towards a zone where mountains will melt and oceanic levels will rise, making life inhospitable.

Research paper about global warming has to be written covering different dimensions. Here is a pertinent list of the major points –

  1. Alternative energy sources – We need to move more towards alternative energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint. Wind, water and Sun can each be harnessed into vast repertoire of energy with proper infrastructure. The research paper has to cover the arena in detail.
  2. Going off-the-grid – Electricity is now being tapped from coal and gas. Countries need to partially or wholly go off the grid in coming years and set themselves a firm Renewable Energy Target. This again is an item worth discussing.
  3. Geophysics – It is also essential to streamline the natural resources and helpful terrains of the world and increase the crop production, which will naturally reduce other means of food exploration.
  4. House designs – Urban areas should conform to house designs which are ecological and environment-conscious. The research paper will also give a thorough summation of the architectural patterns.
  5. Cloud computing – Internet is ubiquitous and is also turning out to be a great energy-guzzler. Cloud computing solutions offer great resources for back-up, which will reduce searching necessities considerably. The research paper should also expound this regime.
  6. General awareness – In the quest to curb global warming patterns, it is quintessential to impart thorough knowledge to the commoners of the world. They should be made responsible for the energy expenditure in their homes and also to keep the immediate environment clean and fresh. The research paper should make an earnest endeavor to place the details in a poignant and yet user-friendly manner.
  7. Energy consciousness – Use of energy star appliances, installation of proper garbage disposers, ensuring proper insulation; well-regulated and inspected electrical connections and power meters; all these should be utilized by general public. They should be aware of the energy they use and waste and should modulate it accordingly. The paper should guide them towards the right path.
  8. Conclusion – The research paper should avidly concern itself about the threat and impact of global warming. It should offer resurgent solutions for the situation and present breakthrough models which people should emulate. The paper should cover all avenues which add up to global warming and significantly align preventive measures. Remember that for a kingdom to rise or fall, the nail has to be in place.